Bosch T101BR Clean for Wood Jigsaw Blades (5 Pack)

SKU: BOS-T101BR-2608630014

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With their taper ground teeth, these jigsaw blades will cut through wood and laminated panels with ease

This 5 pack of 100mm long blades are suited to cutting softwood, chipboard, wood core plywood, fibre boards (3-30 mm) and laminated panels.


  • Clean cut for wood
  • Straight cut, fine
  • HCS, ground teeth and taper ground
  • Pack of 5


  • Material: HCS
  • Tooth design: Ground teeth and taper ground
  • Total length [mm]: 100.0
  • Tooth spacing [mm]: 2.5
  • Areas of application: Softwood, chipboard, wood core plywood, fibre boards (3-30 mm), laminated panels, clean surface
  • Qty: Pack of 5